Announcement about my new novel and coincidences related to the 3/22 London attack.


I have been planning for weeks on making a formal announcement on Saturday, March 25 about the coming publication of the new novel I’ve written. This was planned to coincide with a significant date in the story, the entirety of which takes place in the final week of March 2018, in London, of all places. Even more coincidentally, one of the characters attempts to visit the House of Lords, and a security incident of sorts unfolds.

The book is slated for publication at the end of this month in Kindle format, and in print later in April. Another book (nonfictional), which is actually referenced in the fiction story, will be published by me around the same time, or shortly after.

Considering the sad and horrific terrorist attack today, March 22, 2017, in the Palace of Westminster (containing the Houses of Parliament), I felt that I had to make an announcement now. The book is NOT about Islamic terrorism, but it IS about mass murder happening in London during this same time next year. It is also about a network of elite pedophile clubs, a subject I’ve written a nonfiction book about years ago (Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA).

I chose all of my theme subjects and began writing the book months before the current “Pizzagate” scandal emerged. This is just one of the many topics dealt with in my novel that have coincidentally become the subject of emerging news stories as I have written it. Close friends who have talked to me over the course of these months know that the sheer number, significance, magnitude, and complexity of the “coincidences” has been very disconcerting to me. It’s “freaked me out” many times.

Obviously I am not claiming that these newsworthy current events were caused by my writing. Rather, I have been tapping into a hidden web of gnosis and channeling from it subconsciously. The information emerges through the creative process, often taking the form of prophecies that are embedded symbolically in the story as it is written.

It’s not exactly what Andre Breton would have called “pure psychic automatism,” for the sake of creating surrealist art. But it is closely related, I think. This is story with a real plot, real locations, and characters based–sometimes loosely, sometimes closely–on real people. It contains rich factual details on obscure subjects that have been meticulously researched for accuracy to the best of my ability. However, the information, and the ideas about what to do with it, have come to me in what I consider a supernaturally-guided process.

A photo I took of the Houses of Parliament as seen from the London Eye, 2005

So many times, I would concoct a plot element in my mind, knowing nothing about it. Then I would do research to find out if my fictional idea was plausible. And I would find, over and over again, down to the minutest detail regarding subjects hardly anyone in the world would know about, that EVERYTHING I had dreamed up in my uninformed head was already an actual, factual reality.

The dates and locations in the story were picked for a number of esoteric reasons, as explained in the book. One of these dates is the “Day of Blood” formerly practiced by the Cult of Cybele in Rome on March 24. On that date, young male initiates would castrate themselves in public for their goddess, something that is referenced in the course of my story. This is all part of Cybele’s ‘Holy Week’ of festivals, begun formally on March 22, the day on which the anniversary of the death of Attis was celebrated. I note that a Pizzagate-related protest against the politically-motivated protection of well-connected pedophiles is planned in Washington, D.C. this weekend. Another coincidence, of course.

Pizzagate March in March, on the Day of Blood
Attis Castrates Himself, an illustration to The City of God by Saint Augustine

I do not have time to rewrite the Parliament scene in my novel to reflect projected changes in security that may come as a result of today’s incident. Nor do I want to. I wrote it based on a private tour of the location that a friend arranged for me in 2005, along with more recent research about how security there has changed since then. I could update it at the last minute, but I probably won’t. As my close friends know, I have worked very hard to avoid being influenced too much by current events, or by other people’s ideas, during the entire process of writing this story.

One of the research materials I gathered when I wrote the scene

I do this not only because I want to avoid copying these things, intentionally or otherwise, but also because I want to avoid reflexively changing something about my story just because I might find that someone else has recently done something similar. Originality is impossible and, as poet Jean Cocteau once noted, not even desirable, as the greatest stories are but retellings of ancient myths. I don’t want to sour the magical qualities of what I have created by excessively comparing it with other people’s work–at least not until it’s out, and there’s no going back.

I also don’t want to find myself feeling obligated to change anything merely because of an emerging news story. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. But I do try. The current events I HAVE decided to reflect in the story were carefully chosen and, I think, artfully handled.

One side of a Cybele altar once held by a private collector in London, which features in my story
The other sides of the Cybele altar once held in London, current whereabouts unknown, which I wrote about in my new novel

I believe this keeps the work pure. This is my own personal standard of artistic integrity, and it also keeps the inspiration flowing through me. It gives me pleasure to know that many of the similarities in my story to current events are truly “coincidental” and a product of the magical, poetical process of creative writing.

Attis, Minerva and Berecynthia, from, an illustration to The City of God by Saint Augustine

Maintaining this purity has required me to hide out, avoid interviews, social media, and even email from my fans, for most of the last seven months. I don’t read about everything in the news that interests me, although I still end up seeing things, of course. But I haven’t been listening to podcasts or radio shows. I haven’t been watching movies. I haven’t read my close colleagues’ latest books or articles, sadly, resolving to put this off until my book is published. I have tried as much as possible to only ingest information that my guiding muse has led me to for research necessary to my current task.

I am very excited about the book I will be presenting to you in the next few days. I still intend to make a further announcement about it this weekend, so please stay tuned. Join my mailing list (see below) if you would like to be receive announcements in your inbox.

Thank you all for your support! More to come…

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