4Chan says Donald Trump part of “Plus Ultra secret society”

You can’t make this stuff up folks. I’d noticed some posts on Reddit lately involving Q-Anon that referenced the Plus Ultra concept of the hidden hyperspace kingdom, and Disney’s Plus Ultra Tomorrowland secret society directly (rather than cryptically, as Q-Anon himself had done). I assumed these were influenced by my own articles interpreting Q-Anon’s posts as referring to these things. (Also this post and this post and this post and this post and this post.) I also found that 4Chan has been talking about the Q-Anon revolution as one by the forces of “Mithras against Moloch,” and against Baphomet.

Today also, Q mentioned Sleeping Beauty at least twice, which, as I said in several of my recent posts and videos, can be a metaphor for the hidden middle pillar of the cabalistic Tree of Life, the “Pillar of Beauty” represented in Freemasonic imagery as way of accessing the 4th dimension, and shown to be located spatially “beyond the North Pole.” He asks again about the Keystone, and says “From where does the light originate?”, indicating the Hyperuranian Sun.

It seems my work has been quite influential, either on Q himself (that is, Donald Trump, if he’s real), or at least on the alleged “LARPer” (and, most, likely, intelligence agent) pretending to be him.

However, I just discovered that back in September, the /pol section of 4Chan had published threads in which they theorized that Donald Trump was a member of the Plus Ultra Disney-related group. They also theorized that it involved Trump’s nuclear physicist uncle, who apparently was in charge of examining Nicola Tesla’s personal property immediately after his death on behalf of the US government.

And on one thread they posted the most extraordinary picture of Donald Trump in front of a wall with the Plus Ultra symbol on it.

Notice that the picture includes a screenshot of a post made on 4chan in July by “WHAnon Insider Here.” Just this not sound like an earlier version of Q-Anon’s screen name, or one of his compatriots?

The motto “Plus Ultra” is found repeatedly all over his Mar-a-Lago retreat in Florida (which he was at today, coincidentally, as he also paid a visit to the National Guard in that state).

Tiles at Mar-a-Lago

Folks, I have been writing about the Plus Ultra concept since 2005, when I published my book Solomon’s Treasure, and talked about its place in the ancestry of the US dollar symbol. I named one of my blogs Plus Ultra: the one that was banned by a court degree of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2006. In 2007, I had a radio show and podcast of the same name.

Logo of “Plus Ultra: Podcast for the Odd Cast,” produced and hosted by Tracy R. Twyman

Below, a sample of the Plus Ultra podcast and radio show, featuring an interview with British MP Michael Gove in 2005 (later a serious PM candidate for the Tories briefly last year).

At the time this 4chan post was written in September, I was finishing up my essay “Fake N.E.W.S.: Unboxing the Compass” for the “Plus Ultra Syndicate,” the new premium section of this website, tracytwyman.com. Originally it was going to be at plusultrasyndicate.com, and I hope I can still move it there, but although my writing partner Alexander Rivera (with whom I wrote Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled) acquired the URL and a host, we have been having too many problems with the host. After working on it all summer, we finally agreed that I would just start a member’s section of tracytwyman.com for now, since I could at least get it to work better.

One of the things Rivera and I had been talking about since the beginning of the summer was all the stuff I had just discovered about Disney’s Tomorrowland and its connection to an alleged secret society called “Plus Ultra” that hides secret technology from the public in secret realms of the world that are invisible to those on the outside. I had noted the similarity with Ayn Rand’s Atlantis idea, and with Rene Daumal’s Mt. Analog, so Alex Rivera and I had decided these were ideas that definitely needed to be explored within the content of our new website.

It was indeed explored heavily in “Fake N.E.W.S.: Unboxing the Compass,” as well as the more broadly disseminated excerpt, Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms for the Elite: Daumal’s Mt. Analogue, Disney’s Plus Ultra Tomorrowland, and Ayn Rand’s Atlantis, which is also presented in video and audio form.

You can download it as an MP4 by clicking here.

Below is just the audio, which you can download as an MP3 by clicking here.

Only a handful of people would have ever seen our plusultrasyndicate.com website, I think, which is still there, in a fetal stage of development. I had created a promotional .gif and uploaded it to Gab temporarily in September, before deleting my account there shortly afterwards. That .gif involved a woman coughing up live frogs out of her mouth. It had an early version of our logo in the corner. I had also uploaded it as a video to my YouTube channel, and it was seen by about 100 people, but I got two complaints about it being “gross” so I deleted it.


Well, I could not have imagined that I was so accurately predicting what the hidden forces behind our world are up to. In my novel Genuflect, which came out in June 2017, I foretold a stock market crash that precipitated the fall of the House of Rothschild, particularly those stationed in England, and the destruction of the Bank of England, as well as the London Bouillon Market Association, brought on by those serving the new Temple of Mithras. Part of this involved using alchemy to flood the market with gold to undermine the value of their gold holdings.


Now there appears to be a coup against the New World Order underway, led by Trump, live-blogged by the man himself on 4-Chan, utilizing the imagery of Plus Ultra, the Pillars of Heaven, and the hidden realms beyond. There has been a mysterious helicopter crash on the Rothschild estate in England in which three people died, foreshadowed apparently last year by a couple of memes that were going around (see below). We are told that many more assassinations and arrests are going on behind the scenes. And today, Q left a hint stating that we need to think about what it means “to be covered in gold.” Is he hinting at the same alchemy I wrote about in my book?


Today the President was in Florida and visited the National Guard, as I said. The official White House video for this was a bit odd as, instead of a table filled with turkey and stuffing, a basket of sandwiches made was displayed prominently, looking like a basket of bread loaves, and offered up to the troops by the President himself. Note that on 4Chan /pol, the dropping of clues by whistleblowers is often described as “dropping breadcrumbs.” The analysis of these clues, and repackaging the information into influential memes for spreading, is called “baking bread.” New information or clues posted by Q himself is called “fresh bread.”

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