Genuflect–My new novel, available now on Kindle or as a PDF

GENUFLECT, by Tracy R. Twyman
A Novel

Can a perverted sex magic ritual, performed in an ancient temple in the heart of modern London, destroy the very foundations of both Heaven and Earth?

London: March 2018. Pamela Auger has received an invitation to give a lecture at a prestigious private club regarding her arcane historical research into the mysteries of the Knights Templar. But as she is about to learn, when opportunity knocks, it is best to ask for ID before opening the door.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains scenes of rape, torture, and murder of people, including children, that any sane person will find disturbing.

Nota bene : While several of the characters in this story have certain aspects based on known, powerful figures in the modern world, I make no claim that these people are involved in any nefarious deeds such as those depicted here, nor is it my intention to malign them. These characteristics were borrowed for artistic purposes only.

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